directed by 
Svetlana  Cvetko

executive producer
Elizabeth Banks

executive producer
Benjamin Alfonsi

produced by
David Scott Smith


Upcoming Screenings

  • Cinequest - more info available here !
    • 3.7.2018 at 7:00pm
  • ​Sonoma International Film Festival
    • ​March 21 - 25, 2018
  • ​American Documentary Film Festival
    • ​April 6 - 12, 2018

Past Screenings

  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival
    • 2.8 & 2.10.2018
  • Special Screening at the Garde Arts Center
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  • Focus on Female Directors showcase at American Cinematheque
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  • St.  Louis International Film Festival
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    • ​09.07.2017
  • History Film Festival
    • ​09.06.2017
  • HollyShorts​
    • ​08.10.2017
  • LA Shorts International Film Festival (WINNER - Best Documentary)
    • ​08.02.2017
  • Huesca International Film Festival
    • ​06.09.2017
  • AmPav Emerging Filmmaker Showcase - Cannes
    • ​05.20.2017


    "A stylish tribute to the prolific and trailblazing American silent film director Lois Weber,
told through the character of a young magazine photographer who hopes to impress her."
Mill Valley Film Festival
October 2017
Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber  won Best Documentary at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, qualifying it to compete for an Academy Award® nomination for Documentary - Short Subject.


When I first discovered Lois Weber, I wondered why she wasn't a part of my film education. Her achievements were so big, so daring, yet somehow, she is often left out of discussions about celluloid pioneers, censored filmmakers, and women in the industry.
The fact that Lois Weber carried our fight during her times, so long ago, is both moving and frustrating. She was a trailblazer, a bad ass, progressive, controversial, and even contemporary for today's times. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to reveal the hidden heights achieved by this courageous visionary. I hope today’s filmmakers, who unknowingly walk in her footsteps, will be inspired.
Her story should never be forgotten.    

- Svetlana Cvetko



executive producer ​Benjamin Alfonsi

directed by 
Svetlana Cvetko

executive producer
Elizabeth Banks

produced by
David Scott Smith

written by

cinematography by
production design by
editing by
music composed by

sound design by
production coordinator
Lisa Di Trolio
David Scott Smith
Svetlana Cvetko
Elliot La Plante
David Scott Smith
Jacob Yoffee
Agnès Vincent
Brian Golub
​Lisa Di Trolio
Lois Weber
The Photographer
voice of The Photographer
voice of Lois Weber
first ac
production assistants

set decorator
hair & makeup
Anne Brochet
Cristina Rambaldi
Stina Nielsen
Carol Monda
Jacob Koenig
Michael Perry
Michele McKinley
Myesha Coleman
Brittany Wion
Sophie Peter
Yolanda Price
Vicki Anne Hales
first ac
sound recordist
production assistant
wardrobe stylists
wardrobe assistant
assistant to Elizabeth Banks
stand- in

typewriter vfx

Jacob Koenig
Hana Kitasei
Durand Trench
Nick Grundeen
Claudia Marmolejo
Cheryl Marks
Melanie Hughes-Weaver
Wendi Ferreira
Analisa Seigal
Erica Rahn
Natalie Fischbach

Pierre-Alain Giraud

Becca Burten
Lisa Di Trolio
Natasa Radisic
Special Thanks to

An Tran, Franz Wieser & ARRI, Inc.
Mike Mashon
Marc Wanamaker
Wally Lamb
Alissa Vradenburg
Brittany Balbo
Kev Robertson
Faye Thompson
CDM Sound Studios
Festival Consultant, Nancy Collet
Archival Sources

Bison Archives photographs
collected by Mark Wanamaker
of the Margaret Herrick Library,
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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Library of Congress

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Georgetown University Library
Booth Family Center for Special Collections,
Washington, D.C.

Wallace Kelly
The character of the photographer and her diary are works of fiction.

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